André-John Mas - Java Software Architect and Developer


Application and front-end development, primarily in Java, with flexibility to work on other aspects. Eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges. Have traveled extensively to several countries and I am at ease dealing with people from diverse backgrounds.

Technical Knowledge

Environments: Unix, Linux, MS-Windows 95-XP, MacOS 9-X, eCos
Languages: Java 1.1-1.7, C/C++, Prolog, SQL, Ada, Prolog, HTML
Java APIs: Spring, Hibernate, J2EE (JNDI, EJB, JSP, JDBC), Swing, AWT, JOGL, Java NIO, JNI
Databases: DB2, Oracle, MySQL, H2, HSQLDB
Network Technologies: Web Services (REST, SOAP), TCP/IP, CORBA, RMI
Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Weblogic
Modeling Languages: UML
IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans
Source Control: Git, Clear Case, CVS, Subversion, VSS

Work History

May 2010 to present - Morgan Stanley - Montréal, Canada
Position: Senior Java Developer
Java development based on the Alfresco CMS system. Work to adapt and extend the application according to company needs. Technology used include Java, Javascript, REST web services, Spring, ExtJS and JUnit.
November 2007 to May 2010 - Telus Solutions des Affaires - Montréal, Canada
Postion: Senior Java Developer
Development, maintenance, support and administration of a production and order management system for a major bakery chain, based in Quebec. Technologies used include Java, Hibernate, WebStart, Web Services (GLUE, SOAP, HTTP) and Subversion.
As second responsibility, development of the Aeroplan web site, using XSLT, XML, Apache, Tomcat, CVS and Java.
June 2007 to September 2007 - Aptilon - Montréal, Canada
Position: Senior Java Developer
Development and maintenance of a web based marketing solution, allowing doctors to view presentations of new medicines, with or without the assistance of a representative. Additionally development and maintenance of related reporting tools. Technologies used include Java, Stuts, Tomcat, Linux and CruiseControl.
December 2005 to March 2007 – Contract - SimplerNetworks - Montréal, Canada
Position: Java & C/C++ application developer
Development of an ‘entity management system’ for MEMS based telephone switches, destined for use by large telecom companies in their telephone exchanges. The software was written in Java and involved development of the core API, using RMI, and using Struts for development of the web interface, with some Javascript, ensuring cross- browser functionality. The front end was deployed on Sun One Web servers running on Sun Solaris systems, using an Oracle database. Additionally worked on an embedded C/C++ project, for a MEMS based, ‘street-cabinet’ solution, using eCos and SNMP.
November 2004 to July 2005 - Year out to do a "round the world" tour.
September 2004 to November 2004 – Symphonize - Montréal, Canada
Development of a restaurant reservation system. Technologies used include HSQLDB, MySQL, Jetty, Tomcat and J2EE
2001 to 2004 – Expedia / Newtrade Technologies - Montréal, Canada
Position: Java application developer
Development of a connectivity solution, allowing travel agents to connect directly to various hotel reservation systems, to perform reservations and inventory checks. This was implemented using a combination of Java, Weblogic and SOAP, with the system acting as a routing agent for the communications. Later on this was modified to fit the needs of Expedia, to allow them to be the sole client connecting directly to the hotel systems, using the OpenTravel Alliance specification. The system was designed to allow a fallback to fax, after all failovers (message store/forward, retries...) were exceeded. Additionally test tools were developed, to allow both in-house developers and hotel partners to test their communications for protocol correctness according to OTA specifications, proper error handling and load handling.
May 2001 to Novemeber 2001 – Proxima - Montréal, Canada
Position: Smalltalk developer
Development and maintenance of cable billing software, in Smalltalk.
January 2001 to May 2001 – Vobility (UForce spin-off) - Montréal, Canada
Position: Java developer
Development of an architecture, for a software solution, destined for the telecommunications industry. This also included development of prototypes to validate certain technologies and concepts.
May 2000 to January 2001 – UForce / Netergy Networks - Montréal, Canada
Position: Java application developer
Development of a graphical language editor, using a Swing GUI, for creating ‘scenarios’ designed to add new functionality to telephony services. The resulting ‘scenarios’ were then run using a corresponding runtime environment, using TAPI, designed to work on iPBXs. Additional tasks included development of shell scripts required to launch the application under Solaris, and other Unix implementations. Also covered JNDI, servlets and Apache.
1998 to 2000 – Alliance Commerciale Technologique (ACT) - Montréal, Canada
Position: C++ and Java developer
Development of a distributed application, based on agents, for the detection of CAD-CAM related ‘interferences’ in models developed using Catia (Dassault Systemes). The application was written in C/C++, with a Swing based Java front end. The distributed communication was handled using CORBA. I also supported the client at Boeing, both by phone and on site.
1996 to 1997 - DHL Systems Ltd. - London, United Kingdom
Project administration in the information technology department: compiling the weekly time sheets, creation of software tools.

Work Placements

1994 to 1995 - IBM - La Hulpe, Belgium
Work placement in the Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) department. First task: programming of the IAA architecture in Smalltalk, Second task: correction of the project documentation, with IBM’s Bookmaster software. Third task: system support for the department.

1993 - Europa Intercontinental - Brussels, Belgium
Assistant to the director of the IT department, tasks included software installation, the research of new hardware to be bought, the support of the computers and backup of the IT set-up.


Summer 2014- Space Studies Program

1992 - 1996- University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
BSc Computer Science with Honours

1990 - 1992 - British School of Brussels, Belgium
A-Levels : Computer Science, French, and Physics


Available on request


English & French, basic knowledge of German

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