ThrustHP Web

Barry Hobson wrote a very useful tool for R/C aircraft enthusiasts called ThrustHP. This is a Windows based tool for calculating speed and thrust given certain parameters. Unfortunately if you are using Linux or MacOS then you would need to install Wine or MS-Windows. To address this issue the tool has now been ported to the web.

This version of ThrustHP is completely web based and makes use of client-side Javascript to do the calculations, so you can even make use it of it off-line. The layout has intentionally been kept simple, so that it can be used on both a PC and a smartphone sized device.

You are free to download and host elsewhere, though you are asked to retain attribution. If you do make any changes I would be interested in receiving them, and adding credit.

To use it follow this link.

To use it offline, get the zip file.

Last updated: 2008-06-24