Riff File Info

What is it?

Riff File Info is a Java based program that allows you to a) check whether the file is a valid RIFF file and b) find out the data contained. WAV (audio), AVI (movies) and ANI (ms-windows animated cursors) files are all members of the RIFF family, a specificatin defined by Microsoft. Currently running this program on a wav file will provide information on sampling rate, whether it is stereo or mono, and some other data. Running it on an AVI file will tell you which encoding is used and provide a description of the encoding ( info originally from Dave Wilson's FourCC web page ).


Currently Riff File Info is in development stage, so don't expect too much in the way of fancy interfaces, though there is a minimal GUI. I am releasing it now because I feel that there is a need for such a tool, even if it is development quality and in order to encourage feedback.

Where's the source?

This is an open source project and the source code is bundles in the JAR along with the 'compiled' code. To get at it you can either use a Zip file reader or Java's jar command.

What spoken languages are supported?

Currently only English.



How do I run it?

From the command line type java -jar RiffFileInfo-0.8.jar (the format is java -jar <filename>), ensuring you are in the same directory as the file. From there it is a matter of selecting the file you want to view and then if it is a valid file its details will appear in the text area of the main window. If the OS is configured correctly double-clicking on the file should also launch the java application.

Note to Windows users - due to limitations with the implementation of Java, supplied standard with Windows, you may need to download a recent Java implementation to use this, and other Java based applications. Visit Sun's java web site and download the latest J2SE. Select a release and then select the appropriate JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Only download the SDK if you are wishing to do Java development.

Other platforms - if you are running Linux and Solaris and don't have Java installed, then your can download the latest Java implemention from Sun. MacOS X already has Java installed by default. For all other platforms check with the company who produces your OS.