Atomic Elements

This page represents an effort to try to regroup atomic element data into files that are easily machine parsable and also in a universal format. This is an ongoing process and one that takes time and effort. If you find any of the data incomplete or inaccurate, I would appreciate feedback, so that I may correct this. The data on this page should be considered public domain. If you are looking to see a good online periodic table, then I suggest WebElements, and for the history of the elements, I recommend Elementymology & Elements Multidict. Some other links include Eenheden, constanten en conversies (in Dutch), Periodické tabulky prvků: Periodic Tables of the Elements in Over One Hundred Languages (in Czech and English).

Below are two files representing the same data, one being tab delimited and the other a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The data contained is information on the elements. I have taken the data from multiple sources, but I am not 100% sure of the accuracy. I have not yet taken the time to tidy up these files, and for the moment have made them available as is.

  • Element Data - File is a UTF-8 tab delimited text file*.
  • Element Data - File is an Excel Spreadsheet, produced by MS Excel 2000.

I'll give credit to anyone who updates these files.

*Note that you may have to force your browser to display UTF-8, by specifying it as the encoding to display the page.

keywords: periodic table, elements, atoms, chart of element data